Life Is A Journey We All Make Together

Dolores Chandler

Dolores is a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) and Certified Health Coach. She is dedicated to making an impact on individuals, organizations, and the community.

With the belief that life is like a kaleidoscope, she works closely with her clients to frame and focus the spinning prisms of circumstance. Her natural curiosity and enthusiasm provide a safe space for open conversation, effective communication, engagement, and collaboration.

She enjoys blending traditional business methods with creativity and philosophy of wellbeing to provide an innovative approach to coaching. In recent years, after finding a new passion in motorcycling, she has taken the show on the road as a speaker, facilitator and dream carrier! She shares her insights and healing processes with others to inspire, motivate and influence action.

Dolores is dedicated to her roles as a mother of three children, an active volunteer, and adventurer. You can learn more about Dolores by visiting and

Teri Coutu

Health and Fitness Trainer. Marketing Consultant. Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist. Writer/Author. Seeker. Teri has a diverse background of experience and skills, and it's her goal to combine the journey of her life to inspire others to go after their dreams.

Teri has a Master's in Healthcare Administration and spent a great deal of her career developing and promoting health programs to help people live longer, healthier, happier lives. Her experience in health promotion led her to develop her own digital marketing company, Teric Enterprise Solutions, LLC, which she still runs. However, her wellness roots and her desire to help others draws people to her for guidance and inspiration.

Teri's life journey has combined creativity, wellness, spirituality and adventures that gave her the strength to forge her own path. Her life message is "Don't Think So Hard and You Can Fly."

Courage is about embracing your fears so they inspire you to move beyond them