The word "feeling" can have different meanings and continuums. Feelings can come in different shapes, sizes, and a wide variety of extremes. A feeling may be a sensation experienced through touch -- a soft fabric or a rough surface. Most often though, the word is used about a "sentiment that occurs from the heart" and yes, is judged as emotional! Emotions may be expressed as sadness, anger, happiness, intuition (you know that gut feeling). Sometimes, even an awareness, both internal or external.

By Dolores Chandler

Emotions are neither good nor bad - yet often we do our best to manage them, dismiss them, hide them and even deny them. While most of us have a basic understanding of the general difference, I am amazed that we become numb to avoid dealing with truly experiencing our feelings. By doing so, we deny and deprive ourselves and others of joy within the experience of vulnerability. We lose the emotional experience of genuine love (internal) or an opportunity to express real empathy associated with the devastation of loss or pain.

The complexity of the system of thoughts and feelings are illustrated throughout history through stories, myths and vision quests. They are embedded in the study of psychology, philosophy and religion. The individual’s goal varies however. The pursuit of this goal always requires a desire to understand ourselves, others and for personal growth. It takes courage to open the door of exploration and begin to break away the myths of our false self. The dysfunctional beliefs that we cling to serve as barricades to the search of our own personal and authentic life that we are all, even subconsciously, called to live.

The good news? You are not alone.

The first step is to decide. Decide to:

  • Join the adventure
  • Seek understanding
  • Feel the fear, slay the illusions
  • Ignite the possibilities within you
  • Ride your own ride

If you know me, you will not be surprised that I’ve been described as a “feeler.” Hence, why I wanted to expand on the word. Interestingly, in order to truly grasp the depth of what I intuitively understand, I have pursued studies and research that are evidence-based. I seek truth, balance, and mastery of this great mystery we call life!

A Rising Courage’s mission is nothing more than a road trip. A journey down the path that leads to personal empowerment. The ability to create incredible new realities in your life with focus and graceful determination is already inside of you. Are you ready? Do you feel the excitement stirring inside? Join Us!

Feelings On Feelings